How is CCSVI evaluated?

CCSVI is evaluated through the use of Doppler ultrasound with equipment that was specifically designed to assess blood flow in the veins that drain blood from the brain.  The cerebral venous flow is examined along the entire length of the neck and also in the brain in both the seated and lying down positions.

It is a non-invasive screening following the Zamboni protocol. We take additional measurements of blood flow volume at the J1, J2 and J3 segments, vertebrals, and at the level of the CSA measurement in both the seated and lying down positions.  The venous blood flow is evaluated from the brain, internal jugular and vertebral veins, facial and thyroid veins, internal jugular valve confluence and collateral veins. Extrinsic compression is also documented if applicable.


What services do you offer?

CCSVI Doppler Screening:

New patient:   $550
New patient Doppler screening of cerebral venous blood flow

Follow-up patient:   $450
Follow up Doppler is recommended every 90 days after angioplasty for one year or sooner
if symptoms return

Pre-screening:   $149
Limited assessment to verify if a Doppler screening is required

Supplemental CCSVI Doppler:   $650
Physician referral required

Level 1 Diagnostic:

Level 1 Diagnostic’s Cardiovascular Health Screenings:   $600  Basic   –   $750  Advanced
Non-invasive screenings to assess your autonomic nervous system, heart rate, circulation,
endothelial function, risk of stroke or heart attack, sudomotor function, nitric oxide levels and more.

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